Quality at Double A Paper

Here at Double A, we believe that everything is in the fibre. At more than 30 million fibres per gram, our paper offers premium quality and superior performance. And that ultra-high fibre content is all down to our Double A Paper-Tree.

Our trees are planted on KHAN-NA by more than 1.5 million farmers across Thailand.

Their unique fibre content gives each sheet of paper the high density required for stability and smoothness – the secret of perfect jam-free copying!

What makes Double A paper so special?

Here are the unique, remarkable qualities that make Double A paper so special:

  • Good runnability

    Double A paper performs well in all types of machine and follows the NF EN 12281 criteria for low and high volume copiers.

    Our precision rotary paper cutting machines significantly reduce paper jam in copiers, as proven in an exacting “no jam” runnability test – 60 pages per minute copied continuously for 24 hours under independent laboratory conditions. Double A paper successfully passed the test, proving its now famous baseline right: “no jam, no stress”.
  • Super-smooth texture

    Smoothness affects how a paper moves through a printer or copier. A smoother surface also has a premium-quality feel, looks more appealing and is better suited to high-speed machines. A super-smooth texture actually guarantees jam-free copying.

    Double A paper is extremely pleasant to the touch, with its hallmark smoothness. The thicker premium versions are even more rigid, without compromising on smoothness. Try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

Sharp printing

As well as being incredibly smooth, our paper delivers superior clarity and colour rendering. The smooth surface promotes toner transfer, making copies just as sharp as the original.

  • High-white, ultra-bright

    Double A paper boasts incomparable whiteness and shade, making it ideal for high-end prints. What’s more, the high-white appearance is suited to high-contrast prints and fade-resistance.
  • Enhanced copier performance:

    The sharp blades on our advanced sheet cutting machines result in a lower dust content when printing or copying, extending the lifespan of office equipment.
  • High opacity

    Our paper boasts high opacity, due to its high-quality fibre. This makes it suitable for double-sided printing. The opacity comes from the unique features of the pulp – low ash content yet high opacity.
  • Extended document shelf life

    Last but not least, our paper adheres to standard ISO 9706, which means it’s suitable for archiving. Acid-free paper has a longer shelf life, making it perfect for document storage.

Our vision

Our Vision