Double A Paper started operations in 1991 at our fully integrated pulp and paper mill located in Prachinburi Province, Thailand. The mill operates two pulp mills and three paper machines capable of producing 600,000 tonnes of woodfree uncoated paper.


Double A sets the benchmark with super smooth, high performance paper made from sustainably sourced trees. We source only certified wood or wood from special fast-growing trees called the Paper-Tree that are developed and are suitable for making Double A paper. By utilizing “Paper from KHAN-NA” program Double A allows farmers to continue growing and harvesting rice while at the same time growing Paper-Tree on the empty ridges between their rice paddy (known as “KHAN-NA”). This fully integrated process means that we handle quality control from the source to the use of the finished Double A ream of paper, a full cycle quality guaranteed!

The first product

Double A 80 gsm was launched in Thailand in 2000. After quickly making a name for ourselves in the trade and among consumers in Thailand, we launched throughout Asia, achieving rapid success in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and South Korea. The brand then moved into the South Asia and Middle East markets.


Our vision

Our Vision