At Double A, we’re committed to sustainable timber.

Environmental sustainability

Designing our own tree

Over the last 25 years and more, we've tested more than 2,500 specimens to find the tree strain that’s just right for Thailand’s tropical climate, and that produces the highest-grade wood pulp. The end result is our Double A Paper-Tree – a strain that reaches maturity in just 3-5 years and requires very little maintenance. But the real magic comes from where we plant them.

The KHAN-NA secret: a revolutionary approach to land

Farmland covers more than 50% of Thailand’s surface area. Yet farmers leave areas of land between their rice paddies – known as KHAN-NA – vacant so they can walk the fields. We rent this land from farmers and plant our trees there, and in the process bring additional income and much-needed shade to 1.5 million Thai farmers. The trees also absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen, helping to combat climate change. So our unique strategy is good for the world’s natural forests, too.

Generating energy: no waste is wasted

We convert every bit of waste from our pulping process – wood bark, knotted wood, chips, lignin and sludge – into renewable biomass fuel. So our manufacturing process is fully self-sufficient. We generate electricity for the local power plant, which in turn powers the mill and supplies enough energy for 400,000 people. What’s more, we convert carbon dioxide from the power and recovery plant into precipitated calcium carbonate – an ingredient that we use to produce our premium paper – thereby cutting our greenhouse gas emissions.

Conserving water: train the rain

Emerald Lake, our 35 million cubic metre reservoir, collects rainfall and stores up precious reserves during the rainy season. We use this water to power our mills, care for our trees and supply local communities and factories. We also squeeze excess water out of the paper pulp during the manufacturing process so it can be recycled, we use a special dry process to make wood chips, and we leverage technology to use as little water as possible.

Social sustainability

We’re dedicated to bettering the lives of people in the communities who share their home with us.

Farmers use their KHAN-NA, otherwise vacant land, to grow trees – providing all-important shade, absorbing carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen and bringing in a reliable additional income stream. The electricity we generate in our plant powers local villages, and our rainwater reservoir provides water.

At Double A, we also spearhead school funding programmes by planting trees on unused land around schools. We then buy back the trees once they’re mature, and schools use the money to buy educational supplies and upgrade classrooms.

Our goal is to better the communities we serve, both in Thailand and around the world.

Economic sustainability

We make every effort to exceed the expectations of our key shareholders – government bodies, non-profits, NGOs, banks and financial institutions, tradin g partners, employees, customers and the community.
By helping farmers earn more income, providing much-needed funds for schools and offering global employment opportunities, we’re doing our bit for economic growth and sustainability.



Our vision

Our vision