At Double A, we see paper production differently.

Our “Paper from KHAN-NA” program is a unique Thai take on paper production. We support farmers to grow the Paper-Tree on KHAN-NA – vacant areas around and between Thai farmers’ rice fields, making best use of otherwise empty spaces. With Paper from KHAN-NA, none of our paper is produced from natural forests. The program helps maintain and preserve biodiversity and protect natural landscapes and ecosystems.

What is KHAN-NA?

KHAN-NA is a Thai word for the vacant spaces between rice fields. Farmers use these spaces to move around their field, keeping an eye on crops such as rice, corn and cassava. But the KHAN-NA has no other use, especially after the harvest period.

At Double A, we saw an opportunity to put these unused spaces to good use, encouraging farmers to extract maximum value from their land.

Everything is in the trees

This sustainable model is driven by a desire to do our bit for Thai farmers. We’ve harnessed Thailand’s many advantages – its location, its climate, and the skill and experience of its farmers – to select the best trees, which can be harvested after just 3-4 years of growth.

Innovation and technology

Our main activity is pulp and paper manufacturing. We currently have two pulp mills, both of which use state-of-the-art technologies and equipment such as factory water receivers, and high-efficiency wastewater treatment plants, with primary decantation and biological treatment.

Technology has always been a feature of our short-fibre pulp production and renewable energy management efforts, and we have been ISO-certified many times over.

We also foster innovation, using drones and our exclusive geo-tracking system to determine when our trees are ready for harvesting.

Recycling and sustainable agriculture

Here at Double A, none of our waste goes to waste. All our pulp and paper production by-products and leftovers are put to good use, generating clean energy. We channel tree bark, wood chips, lignin and black liquor to the power plants for biomass electricity generation, which in turn fuels the mill and supplies energy to nearby communities.

Sustainable production, better paper

At Double A, the Paper-Tree are what make us so competitive on the global stage. The trees are specially modelled to suit Thailand’s geography and climate, promoting a high growth rate and producing premium-grade fibre for the paper-making process. Our paper contains up to 30 million fibres per gram. Likewise, Double A Paper’s smooth texture helps reduce paper jams in printer and copiers – a feature that’s highly appreciated by our customers.

Our commitment to protecting the air and water 

At Double A, we’re committed to using water sparingly and adopting the best paper production technologies. We respect nature, monitoring biomass boiler fumes constantly to limit our impact on air quality.

Our vision

Our Vision